Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life


Whether you’re preparing for a zombie survival, a camping trip, or just ready for anything, here are a few tricks to keep in your back pocket. So keep these lifejackets in mind and be prepared for any situation that might arise, no matter how unprepared you may feel. Even if you have all your survival equipment with you, you must be able to improvise with first aid. 

Even if you never want to turn a corner when you are ill or injured, there are a few quick tricks you can learn to save life or body in difficult situations. Sometimes you may need to patch up a bit, and sometimes you can do that in dangerous situations, but knowing these survival hacks can help you get out of a situation with minimal damage. 

If you need to treat a wound or heat a room without electricity, you will be covered by these hacks, even if it is only for a few minutes. 

Life is not a proper package, and we humans cannot see the future, but we can be prepared. It is always good to be prepared for every situation and to have all the tools and resources necessary for survival. You may one day find yourself in a difficult situation that you have forgotten despite the recommended and obvious tools. But it’s just as good, if not better, than any of the other survival strategies out there. 

Fortunately, the world is also a complex place, and in every situation there is room for improvisation and substitution, but this is not always possible. 

Modern technology has made our lives a lot easier, but if you are in a situation where your equipment is failing, you should not take it for granted. While you may never need to make candles for your cooking utensils or figure out how to keep your products cool without electricity, it’s good to know how to get by without the help of high-tech machinery in the event of a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood, earthquake or even a terrorist attack. 

So look at these 26 wilderness survival hacks to be prepared for the worst – a natural disaster or a terrorist attack – and be sure you’re always prepared for the worst. 

If you have never experienced a local or global natural disaster that would force you to survive in the forest, there are many other times when you need to do so. If you get lost, your car breaks down in the woods or you are miles away from civilization, then you probably need the ability to survive a day or two. Survival in a forest is something you need to know at some point, at least in your life – even if it’s just a few hours or a few days. 

Survivopedia has teamed up with the guys from Survival in the Know and we’ll show you how to share some of the best survival tips and tricks for surviving in a forest for a few days. 

While it may not seem like an obvious need for survival, the ability to repair clothing and shelter is absolutely critical to long-term survival when one has limited resources. It is always a good idea to keep a sewing kit in case of an emergency, but sometimes we need to repair something. If you find the right plant, you can even make your own sewing kits in minutes. 

A great nutritional resource is, for example, a large number of different plants such as balsamic vinegar, balm and lemon juice. 

In a difficult situation, however, even simple things like plastic bottles can be extremely useful. Plastic bottles are used to store water and other cool drinks, but you need to know this so that you can make the most of the things you have at your disposal in times of need. 

The best thing about these hacks is that they are simple and can be done by yourself, and they usually don’t get you in trouble immediately. Avoid buildings that allow you to move between buildings, such as buildings without windows or doors, or even buildings without doors. 

This hack does exactly what you think: it makes you invisible for a short time, but it does exactly what you would think by becoming invisible. Of course, it also inflicts a lot of damage, and the cooldown to fully update it is mercilessly short, so you can perform the hack every ten seconds. Before you can land a blow, the target must be grazed to secure the kill. 

This hack is not a great hack for players with high skill, but it can save your life when you desperately need to escape trouble. It can also be used to surprise enemies, and in my experience it is too easy for enemies to use their own hacks and regroup before doing lasting damage. This hack is about survival, as you can also use it to draw enemy fire until your team-mates come to the flank.


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