College Survival Kit


Whether you’re an aspiring senior or someone who goes to school, you’ll love how I’ve put together this ULTIMATE DIY College Survival Kit. I scoured Amazon for the best articles to help college students finish their semester exams and make their return home as safe as possible during their first year of college. 

Here we go And I would be happy to share more great ideas with you, so please tell me if you have any other things in your College Survival Kit. I can help you find the survival sets and items that are essential for your students and I check in here again and again! 

If you want to create a thoughtful gift for a freshman, consider adding these items to your student’s survival kit. If you plan to help your students survive kit, there are many things you can include. Check out my Winter Survival Kits, which are filled with the essentials for the winter weather, such as snowshoes, survival gear and winter clothing. 

You could add a desk to your set so you can go to the common room during your studies. You may also have the option of putting in a backpack with food, water, clothing and other survival items such as blankets, blankets and clothing. 

Candy is a good choice for a cute survival set, because you can eat the treats and leave the packaging in the set. There are Tootsie rolls that help with rolling punches, and pencils to misspell with a pencil. 

Otherwise, most college students maintain a steady supply of snacks, including peanut butter, cereal bars and cereal. You can easily put them in a lunch bag or backpack wherever students are on the go, or add them to a meal on the go that can help fight hunger and keep them simple. They provide a good amount of protein and a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. 

If you live near a rich natural water source, you may want to have a heavy plastic bucket that you can use as an emergency toilet or to transport firewood and water. I used the bucket left over from my emergency meal at Mountain House, but a 5-gallon bucket would work just as well. Mylar water bags are handy if you want to transport a small amount of water and make sure the container is heavy. 

If you want to make your gift a little funky, Dalykate offers backpacks and laundry bags with adjustable straps. I packed a stain remover laundry basket with my favorite detergent to take my clothes out of my dorm laundry room and bring them back in. Don’t forget to stock up on some extra clothes for the next day or two before you leave home for school. 

You might be able to include some pocket money in your survival kit, but gift cards are a good insurance policy – if your kids end up spending their budget on other things. This will remind students to remain flexible and open to new experiences, and college life will appreciate their thoughtful gift and fully prepare for the coming semester. 

These are five college survival kit plans that are scalable to most people’s budget, and they’re just a few of the many options for college students. There are cheap towels and washcloths, but there are also a variety of other items such as water bottles, toiletries, food, clothing, blankets and other essentials. 

Here’s the deal: You’ll get cash strapped as soon as you land on campus, so try picking items that remind your students of the important things to remember in college. I will make a list of must-have items for you, and then this list should help you complete your College Survival Kit plan in the first few months of your freshman year. If you are in school for a semester or two, you will probably already have some costs – savings tricks available, but if not, you will have to follow. 

For most of us, it can be a great feeling to get a package full of fun and useful things when we need them. Make a large, spacious laundry bag filled with enough money to pay for many laundry loads and you’re ready to go. Tie a bow over it and throw some loose change in here to help pay for the food when you start your experience. 

While brand new bedding may look great in a student dorm, some students need a reminder of home. As students experience the semester and surprise their College Survival Pack, brighten their prospects, encourage them to live healthily and enhance their experiences during this semester, the halls of residence are increasingly feeling like home!


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