Altoids Tin Survival Kit


Altoids Survival Kit has been a mainstay of the survival community for many years, and for many good reasons. Today I have some really simple reader questions to answer, which I will answer in my next answers. 

Some time ago I was discussing a commercial, ready-made survival set that comes packed with a small can of mint and a few other small items. The ubiquitous tin mint can be obtained from almost anywhere, and with sufficient storage, one can pack a lot of small survival divinities in it. Once you build your Altoids Tin Survival Kits, they take up very little space, meaning you can safely carry them with you when you need them. A – too – known container in which your mints are stored for survival , it is a great choice to start with your own survival. 

You will find that the kit helps with everything from food, water, shelter, clothing, medical supplies and even a few other essentials. 

It is meant to be worn by one person at any time and not a comprehensive set because it is too big and difficult to improvise. It can also take up small, vital items and can be part of a larger kit if required. A Mini Survival Kit is a small survival kit that consists of small items that are environmentally friendly and easy to reuse. 

It should provide the following basic needs for survival: food, water, shelter, clothing, medical care and medical equipment. Other personal equipment will primarily provide additional usability and ease of use. Do you have plans to build a stand-alone survival kit that has everything you need to keep you alive until you get off the ground safely? 

It can get a little dramatic, but here’s the moral of the story: you can’t wear everything, so you wear what you build the way you wear. In the pictures below you can see an example of my survival kit, which offers you a fighting capability in extreme survival situations. In this small survival bag I have everything I need to make a fire, secure and prepare food, overcome minor medical problems and even defend myself. 

Remember that my presentation of the Altoid Tin Survival Kit is heavily based on compromises regarding the definition of a survival kit. Simply put, I do not have enough supplies at the moment to meet all my needs, such as food, water, clothing, medical care, and other essentials. 

You can never predict when the electricity will go out, and you will love to have the altoid tin candle at hand. As the year 3058 rolls around, I have to give in to my inventiveness by creating an energy field that forms with the box, so that the things you put into it suddenly shrink to their original size. 

Double – wick Altoid can candles are also great little gifts and also practical to be on your next camping trip. Look for these compact candles that are the perfect addition to your home-made survival set. You will be prepared for blackouts that are coming, because you can store an Altoids candle almost anywhere.

The Altoids can survival kit is ideal if you carry a small survival bag, but I know some people who also pack two Altoids cans. With two cans at this point, it’s easy to carry a compact object on the go. If you plan to take two, they will be less compact, so don’t bother doing that if it feels like a defeat at this point. 

I love that it’s small enough to fit anywhere you want to store it – tucked away in the glove box, in your pocket or anywhere else it’s comfortable. 

You can include everything you think is useful as a gift for your recipient in a survival situation in your DIY survival kit. You can make this thoughtful DIY gift along with various useful camping utensils. Wire saws can also be a means to build a shelter and a good knife. 

The Altoids Tin Survival Kit should provide you with a means of carrying and sterilizing water. This shows that preparation is a dose of common sense that should be supplemented by the fact that it is not supplied with any kind of food, water, clothing or other essentials for unprepared journeys to the desert or Arctic. There is no need to go out unprepared if it has the means to provide you with common sense. 

In survival circles, this set is often affectionately called the BOAT Bug or Altoids Din and is similar to a real lifeboat not intended for heavy duty use. It is filled with a variety of food, water, clothing, toiletries and other essentials needed in a survival situation. 

Simply put, the most eye-catching useful items are left out of the set, but the knives are included, provided you have taken the trouble to assemble an emergency kit and are the kind of person who always carries a knife. If you have knives in your kit, you can also choose an EDC knife that suits your situation, whether you are running out of town or in the middle of a fire.


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