7 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know


Building a forest survival station: Forests are often a great place to build shelter, as well as a good source of food, water and shelter materials. When lost without wood, trees are an abundant and easy-to-use resource, and can be used as a raw material and tool for fire in a variety of ways, including building shelters, building fireplaces, fireplaces, or even as firewood for cooking. 

Whether you want to learn to survive in an emergency or just become more independent, trees are an indispensable resource for no other reason. For trees to serve as tools of survival for all their purposes, they must be widespread and useful. 

When choosing the best trees for your home, you should think about what they can offer beyond the simple shade and firewood. If you rescue someone from a river, attach a string to a tree to build a shelter, or hang food from the tree overnight, this can be very useful. As if the oxygen humans need to breathe were not enough, trees are also useful for providing tools to make tools like fire, water, food, and shelter. The more covert, the harder-working plants make the environment, even humans, less toxic. Once you have trees, you can be sure that you will be covered with the most basic needs. 

In fact, Art of Manliness has a great article on how to build a small survival trap for small animals, and creating a wedge tarpaulin is one of many uses for paracord, so you have practical survival gear and supplies. For work in the shelter you only need to tie it to a cord, but you can also consider small survival wire saws with handle ends to help you cut firewood.

You should also bring a small piece of birch bark to light a fire, as well as small wood chips and other firewood. 

A conifer tree that carries many different kinds of fruit, such as pears, peaches, cherries and plums. The pear tree is hardy, but it also provides a good source of firewood and good food and water. Pine trees are needles – like, hard to find – with a thick, thick bark, similar to that of a pine or birch. 

Left to their own devices, fig trees can grow up to 1.50 metres in about five years, and several gardeners have confirmed what they have seen. These trees have a much longer life span than almost any other trees you will plant, and a life expectancy of about 30 years. 

Remember that although many trees drop their leaves in autumn, it is important to identify them by their colour, shape and even the shape of the leaves themselves. If you are near a deciduous tree, you can see dead leaves on unripe trees in winter. 

In practical terms, these trees can help to mark the passing of time in a survival situation. Now that you know about the use of pine resin, you will know how to survive if you are trapped in the forest. 

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Trees are not only suitable for all the above applications, but they also have a wide range of uses that every survivor should know. Learning trees is not mandatory for survivors, everyone can benefit and make the camping trips more enjoyable. Raising awareness of the different species of trees we plant will enable us to create the most useful environment in which we live. 

For more information on building a shelter, see our guide to building a shelter in the rainforest or our Survival Survival Guide to the Rainforest. 

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