101 Survival Tips For Your Business


Section seven is based on Advertising and Marketing Survival Tips, examines Tips 47 – 57 and Section eight on Marketing Strategy. Here the authors say that you need to develop your own marketing philosophy, take a course, read a marketing book, take small steps to market your business, develop a strong corporate image, market it with a simple plan and never stop marketing it just because it is booming. 

Section 12, the last basic section, contains tips 94 – 101 and is labeled “Planning for Future Survival Tips.” Sections eight and eleven are specifically titled “Survival Tips for Companies” and “Preparing for Survival Tips.” 

In this section, the author says: “You need to know exactly where you are going, how to get there, and what to look out for. 

Griffiths advises choosing new tips each week and using the book as inspiration and guidance when starting a new business. Griffiths reflects on the fact that you always have to have a plan when things go wrong and how to set up your business in the hope someone will want to buy it. Throughout the books there are tips to help you build better relationships with suppliers, employees and customers. 

These tips are designed to point out common problems and give you a clear approach that increases your chances of survival. 

As I said, there is a bonus section that contains another 20 tips, and another bonus section that contains another 20 survival tips. Concerning the structure, the text is divided into two sections: the main part with the tips for business and business management and the bonus part with the 20 tips. 

The text is written in short blocks, reinforced by very simple and jargon – free language. Here Griffiths says, among other things, that you should not be afraid to demand what it is worth to learn, delegate, try to win awards for your business, constantly strive to improve your business, make your business environmentally friendly, create your own operating manual, etc. 

To help you develop a complete content marketing strategy that adequately addresses the needs of your customers, you need to build what I call a customer nurturing marketing system. So my friend Scott Martineau at Infusionsoft has put together a complete training course in this area that teaches you an amazing new strategy that you can use to do an even better job in content marketing. I will also be happy to help you find other resources to expand your knowledge and toolbox. 

Surviving your first year as an entrepreneur can be a difficult process, but I have decided that there is no point in limiting the success of a small business to just one month a year. 

The good news is that letting the notion of potential failure decide the outcome will be the best news of all. 

Don’t be shy, talk to experienced entrepreneurs and see if they can help, but don’t be afraid to talk to them. First-year entrepreneurs are crucial and will lay the foundations for the years to come. Use your first year to build a solid foundation, to start on the right foot and build on it. 

Consider the information that I have revealed here today that could strengthen your business so that it can thrive for many more years to come. 

Like any good business strategy, the use of social media must begin with a good plan for small business success. Download my free eBook to learn the basics of finance that will help you make your smaller business more efficient and successful. 

With a plan, set a clear goal for what you want to achieve and base your goals on metrics that have a real impact on your business. 

For example, try to attract customers, increase your conversion rate, or simply collect more likes on your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, we live and work in a world in which the survival of a business depends on employing people who do everything they can to keep its low quality high and are constantly able to add value to your business and to your customers in new ways. Many companies make the mistake of looking not for hiring, but for skills, even though sophisticated training programs can restore bad hiring. If you need to hire technically qualified people, make sure that the individual’s attitude to everything is in line with the right culture, and make sure that they have the basic technical skills required for the role. 

There are many entrepreneurs and managers who do not know how to manage, and this is because they have learned to delegate tasks that can easily be done by another team member. 

Small business management means wearing many hats and concentrating on many different tasks. These tips can help you focus on the most important aspects of your business and keep you on your path to success.


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