10 Tips For Female Preppers


It’s been a while since I’ve been back to basics, but in today’s show I’ll go into detail on how to start prepping and talk about 10 tips to get started in prepping. I’m talking about something that the prepared community doesn’t talk about too often, and that’s the “prepping tips” for ladies. 

Those of you who know me as a Survivalist Prepper know that I try to focus on the basic preparation. Preparation is not only about bunkers and ammunition stocks, but also about the preparation of first aid kits and mineral water. 

Prepper’s delivery list tells you not only what you should stock for future emergencies, but also why and what not. 

When it matters, men and women must work together to succeed in an emergency, disaster or SHTF situation. Women need more self-defense strategies and techniques that work equally well for both men and women, but let’s face it: women and girls live in a much more dangerous world than men, and they are attacked more often than men. So if you are a woman and live with a man, you should prepare for your monthly needs. We all need to involve more women so that we can all work together in emergencies And we need the best self-defense strategy and technique that works equally between men and women. 

This is not to say that you should not prepare for everything, I just suggest that you prepare first for the most likely dangers. If you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse, be prepared for anything, but also for Clinton 2017. 

Start by gathering trusted resources and information sources that can help you prepare for whatever the future holds for you. This article on the most important survival supplies is a great starting point and shows you what the standby community considers your most valuable supplies. You should own and use every weapon and ammunition, but bows themselves are so popular and screws are easy to get, so head to the Survival for Life Store to buy your favorite tools and equipment for self-defense. 

You can cover the basics for just $100 and start preparing a budget, or you can start preparing your budget. 

It is also worth noting that you should not be discouraged when buying supplies for preparation if you cannot afford everything at once. Some people go to what many consider to be an extremely long preparation for an emergency, so-called “prepper,” meaning planning ahead means taking what others need. Other preppers have been in combat and experienced natural disasters, reminding them that it is not a bad idea to have an additional water supply and a weapon at hand. There are many people who don’t have to rush to Target or Walmart to buy shares, but there are some who do. 

Preppers, as my prepping friends say, are called crazy people who waste their time and money preparing for an outcome that may never come to fruition. Preppers are average, everyday people who just want to be ready in case something bad happens. 

Millennial prepper Daniel Spikowski, 26, told me: “Hoarding alone won’t make you safe when society falls apart. If a major disaster happens to my city, my country or the world, I want to have what I need to survive. 

If you have not yet started preparing, it is time to take the decisive measures you need to take to protect yourself and your family. While this tip is a great way to make sure your basic skills are up to date before you move on, it can also be helpful for people new to the preparation process. Although she has moved from a tiny dormitory where she would have found it difficult to keep a large supply of food and supplies, the other main aspect of preparation has been to collect and study survival books. 

Grab a hygiene kit for women and a privacy shelter to help you get the hygiene and privacy you need in a survival situation. You should be ready to go right away, and you can even take a hygiene kit for women, such as this one from the International Women’s Health Foundation, to inform you of what you should ask for if you never come home or behave like a minimalist prepper who has just read Marie Kondo. 

Start Food and water supplies : If you want to hold back with big purchases now, you may not even need to stock up on supplies. Instead of buying impulse for supplies you don’t need, think through every step of the preparation. Start stocking up on your supplies of prep and follow the steps to help you jump – start building up an emergency stock for your home. You have to be willing to sign off to get your houses ready in advance, but not too late.


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